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Customise Unity Launcher!!!

Ubuntu 11.10 brings a lot of changes in Unity featuring . These new features have a lot more customisation in Unity than many think possible.

And after a bit of tweaking I made my Unity desktop look like above figure.

Differences are:

  • Unity Launcher placed at the bottom
  • Dark arrows for the launcher
  • The lack of backlit for the icons in the launcher
  • New icon for the Ubuntu button
  • New icons in the the Dash main window

If you want to know how to make your Unity look like above.Do the instructions below: (more…)


Desktop Icon in Ubuntu 11.10……..!!!!

In Ubuntu 11.04/ Ubuntu 11.10 , you have to install package to create desktop icon .

First step is Install Package through terminal .

“sudo apt-get install –no-install-recommends gnome-panel”

Then Create your first desktop icon through following command.

“gnome-desktop-item-edit –create-new ~/Desktop”

Name the application in given box

and browse the path of application


Innovative and Atractive 3D view Of Firefox: FoxTab

FoxTab is a free 3D tab management add-on for the Firefox browser.
FoxTab powers Firefox with the following features:
Top Sites (aka Speed Dial) for quickly accessing your favorite web sites
Tab Flipper – to easily flip between opened tabs using mouse or keyboard gestures
Recently Closed Tabs – for reopening a tab that was recently closed

As the web is rapidly turning into an application environment where dozens of tabs are being opened concurrently, accessing a page visually is in times the fastest and best possible option.
FoxTab introduces to Firefox the best and most attractive way for accessing the web as never seen before on any other browser or operating system.


  • Easily access your favorite top sites.
  • Enjoy many tabs management options.
  • Have 6 layouts to choose from.
  • For each layout, select the perspective that you find the most fun and useful to use.
  • Customize the way FoxTab looks with a set of predefined themes or by creating your own customized one.
  • Set thumbnails to be in Landscape or Portrait orientation.

Supported Operating Systems

FoxTab fully supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.7+), Leopard (10.5.6+) and Linux distributions including but not limited to Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva and OpenSuse. Read more…

How to fix Grub Error after reinstalling Windows7 on a dual boot laptop ?

Problem is that After re-installing Windows7, When the laptop was rebooted, Grub Error 17 Message appeared.

Solution :

Boot from Ubuntu 10.04 LTS or other linux versions

Start Ubuntu Without installetion (more…)