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     Today’s busy lifestyle demands that people make use of technology that will enable them to maximize time. It is for this reason that the robotic lawn mowers have been sought after and easily accepted as a household “must-have”. Another reason by which robotic grass cutter has become a necessity in today’s life is to ensure operator safety .There may be stones, stick, wire, bones, toys, and other thrown objects that can cause personal injury. These situations force us to depend on these kinds of technologies.The Green mower is designed to provide a helping hand for the gardener. Here keys are provided to give the appropriate instruction for the motion of the vehicle. These are done by encoding the data given by the user and transmitted to the reception part. Here it is decoded and given to the motor driver for controlling the respective motors (right / left motor). The Grass cutting is implemented by a cutting motor and string. So cutting can be done by switching on the power of cutting motor and directing the vehicle by the remote. Robotic green mowers are environment-friendly. Automatic green mowers are designed to cut the grass in sizes which make it desirable as mulching material for your lawn. Upon decomposition, the cut grasses are returned to the soil and become a viable source of fertilizer for your lawn. Robotic green mowers run on electricity. With the practical sources of energy, robot green mowers help reduce global warming since it does not use gas or oil and it does not result in the emission of gases. Remote controlled green mowers make the reach-ability to remote areas possible.

      Remote controlled green mower is designed in a way that it has two sections. One section comprises the vehicle and the other a cutting part. With the provided remote control we can move the vehicle in different directions. Whenever the cutting action is to be performed, switch on the power of the cutting motor. Remote control operates at radio frequencies. Instructions are given through the switches on the remote control and transmitted to the vehicle. Signal received at the receiver of the vehicle is decoded if it matches with the encoding done at the transmitter section. Decoded data are given to the motor drive which has the capability of controlling two motors independently. Motor driver controls the direction of rotatory motion of the motor. It can be either in the clockwise or anti clockwise direction. 

Forward motion is carried out by the clockwise rotation of both left and right motor. Likewise the reverse motion is done by the anti clockwise rotation of both left and right motors. Left motion occurs by the clockwise rotation of left motor only. Right motion occurs by the clockwise rotation of right motor only.  

system over view:

Bock diagram over view of transmitter unit