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Programmable carrier vehicle

To design a carrier vehicle which follows the path specified by the user.

Also, the vehicle to follow a predesigned path.

To reduce and speed up the office work, by transporting files, and other books papers etc..

The basic block diagram contains a microcontroller used for over all control of the vehicle

motor controller used for control two motors to move the vehicle through pre designed path

optoencoder used for detect the path and inform to microcontroller

it also contain a LCD display,switches and two motor

How to design????????

Main Controller is based on Arduino Duemilanove board
This is a microcontroller board based on 1.Atmega328.
It has 14 digital i/p pins, in this six pin can be used as pwm out put
and six pin used as analog input
A 16 Mhz crystal oscillator, an usb connector, a power jack, and a reset button.

Flash memory 32 kb, 2kb used by boot loader.
SRAM 2kb.
EPROM 1kb.
Clock speed 16 Mhz. (more…)