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Livestation : New online tv …..for U..!!!! Its free…

   Livestation is the largest platform for live news in the world . There is something special about watching a story live as it unfolds. Livestation has partnered with news channels from around the world to give you access to quality live news coverage – on any device, be it on your computer, mobile phone or TV.

Fantastic features… of Livestation:

Discovery: Content and language filters now make it much easier to browse and discover new channels

Quality: The stream quality has been doubled (premium channels are now near DVD-quality)

Social: You can now share a live stream on Facebook, track what your friends are watching and share a screenshot on Twitter

Free to watch: number of channels can be watched for free on the Livestation website or on their desktop player, a freely downloadable video application that presents all the channels through one interface.

Developed the Livestation Desktop Player to be able to offer you enhanced features while you watch. Use Twitter and Twitpic integration to let people know what you think of the news, or just keep it in the corner of your screen while you work.

Download Livestation for Linux Click Here !!

It is also available to Windows and Mac platforms

What happens next? (more…)

Customise Unity Launcher!!!

Ubuntu 11.10 brings a lot of changes in Unity featuring . These new features have a lot more customisation in Unity than many think possible.

And after a bit of tweaking I made my Unity desktop look like above figure.

Differences are:

  • Unity Launcher placed at the bottom
  • Dark arrows for the launcher
  • The lack of backlit for the icons in the launcher
  • New icon for the Ubuntu button
  • New icons in the the Dash main window

If you want to know how to make your Unity look like above.Do the instructions below: (more…)

Any free Online TV in Ubuntu??????

Watch free Online TV with Tivion. more than 400 channels from 64 countries!!

A Linux application for watching TV online for free . Tivion plays  streaming TV and radio channels available for the moment, 447 channels from 67 countries

Features of Tivion 0.0.3 :

* Add experimental support for jaunty
* Added combobox for channel filter
* Upgrade with 447 channels from 64 countries
* Added -c or -channel-list for dump the full list of channels
* Added translation of GUI on the fly
* Improve the configuration window with screenshot folder option
* Expand row channel when click on name
* Sync of translations for many languages

How to install?????

In Terminal:

"sudo add-apt-repository ppa:shakaran/ppa" Then "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install tivion"
(without Double quotes)

Enjoy it!!!!!!

Click Here!

New Gaming Mouse from Logitech

          World largest acessories creater Logitech Launch a New Gaming Mouse.In normal case gaming is not a simple cost one.while,the new power full featured gaming mouse G-300 will be luanches by Logitech
In G-300 mouse have an 2500 dpi sensor is available.Just below the scroll wheel a 9 bottuns are available.3 different type of game control profile storage capasity in built it.
Three gaming profiles are use full for shooter games are available.But it will be change later,also the button control,dpi settings, report rate setting are changes with the software include with mouse
Each Profiles are lighten with onboard lighting in G-300.It will luanch in septemper

New computing chips from IBM, that mimic “human brain”

IBM researchers  uncover an experimental computer chip that emulates the way the human brain processes information.

IBM said that researchers have created the basic design of the first neurosynaptic computing chip that recreates the phenomena between spiking neurons and synapses in a biological system, such as the brain.

Using digital silicon circuits inspired by neurobiology, the cognitive chips contain no biological elements. The first two prototype chips are currently undergoing testing, reported Xinhua.

The two chips, called ‘core’, have successfully demonstrated simple applications like navigation, machine vision, pattern recognition, associative memory and classification.

‘This is a major initiative to move beyond the von Neumann paradigm that has been ruling computer architecture for more than half a century,’ Dharmendra Modha, project leader for IBM Research, said in a statement.

The cognitive computing architecture is expected to be a more power-efficient architecture that has no set programming, integrates memory with processor and imitate the brain’s event-driven, distributed and parallel processing.

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