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Customise Unity Launcher!!!

Ubuntu 11.10 brings a lot of changes in Unity featuring . These new features have a lot more customisation in Unity than many think possible.

And after a bit of tweaking I made my Unity desktop look like above figure.

Differences are:

  • Unity Launcher placed at the bottom
  • Dark arrows for the launcher
  • The lack of backlit for the icons in the launcher
  • New icon for the Ubuntu button
  • New icons in the the Dash main window

If you want to know how to make your Unity look like above.Do the instructions below:

Tweaking Unity

The first change – the bottom launcher:

To install it execute the following command in terminal:

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:paullo612/unityshell-rotated
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install unityshell-rotated libnux-1.0-0 compizconfig-settings-manager

Then start CompizConfig Settings Manager, and enable the “Ubuntu Unity Plugin Rotated” and disable “Ubuntu Unity Plugin”.

The next thing you need to to is open the “Ubuntu Unity Plugin Rotated“, navigate to the experimental tab and lower the “Launcher opacity” to 0.000.

Then change the other things below : –

  • Dark arrows for the launcher
  • Set the ‘Backlit mode’ to ‘Always off’
  • Change Ubuntu’s button icon
  • Change the icon in Dash main window
  • Expo Settings should be configured

Next, you need to make a backup of the following files from the /usr/share/unity/4 folder.

and then replace them with the files from inside this archive: – Download

Then you need to do one more backup /usr/share/unity/4-rotated that start with the word arrow, and replace them with the icon from the archive below: Download

The last thing you need to do is log out and back in to enjoy your new Unity!


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