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Do you have any interest in music? Do you wish you could listen and share your music wherever you go? With the mini speaker system project, you can listen to music whenever you want: your dorm, your cubicle, or at the beach. This is a great introduction to circuit systems, featuring an introductory amplifier circuit, a filter circuit, and a simple enclosure. When you’re done, all you need to do is add a 9V battery, plug in and play!

The Amplifier In Mini speaker system: it amplifies the current. That is, it takes an electrical signal and makes the signal stronger, and in the end, louder. An electrical signal that is passed by an amplifier comes out louder through the speaker than one that hasn’t been amplified. Also, because the signal is strengthened by an amplifier, you can play that music through higher resistant speakers. This amplifier is a solid-state-hi-gain design and is intended to run through an 8 ohm speaker.Schematic of the amplifier section is follows.


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  1. hey bro… i am a scientist from nicaragua and i am doing a project on this system so plz give me details..and my place is no way near vaikom in kottayam

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